Privacy policy 隐私政策


●     我们不会收集及以任何形式储存来自你社交网络的任何信息或销售给广告或其它营运机构。


●     当你透过社交网络进行分享时,可能会要求输入帐号密码,但该信息由iOS系统管理,App不会以任何形式储存帐号密码,也不会收集及以任何形式储存您在社交网路上的任何个人信息。


●     使用本App即表示您同意此隐私政策的条款和条件。如果您不同意本政策,请不要使用该App。我们保留权利,在我们决定更改,修改,增加或删除本政策的部分,在任何时候。请定期浏览此网页查阅任何修改。如果您继续使用我们的App以后的任何更改这些条款的发布将意味着你已经接受了这些调整。



●     We do not collect and save from your social account inany form or sell any information to advertisers or other operators.

Personal information

●     When you share information through social accounts may beasked to enter the account and password, but that information is management byiOS system. App does not save account and password in any form or collect andsave any personal information in any form on your social account.

Privacy Policy Terms

●     Use this App mean you agree to the terms and conditionsof this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not usethis App. We reserve the right, in our decision to change, modify, add orremove portions of this policy at any time. Please check this page periodicallyfor any changes. Publish any changes to these terms if you continue to use ourApp future will mean that you have accepted these adjustments.